A Wee Hielan’ Coo, mostly nice, but a tad sarcastic. Has been know to bite on occasion. Just my my random thoughts on Outlander (and other stuff) (’cause they’re aren’t nearly enough blogs about Outlander). My lovely ginger hide color is natural. Oh…and my bangs are fabulous.


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  1. I think that you must be a “Claire”voyant ( yes, pun intended ) and have read every single person’s mind that has been completely frustrated with the portrayal of our beloved Jamie, and his relationship with Claire. You have given voice to thousands of book faithful, who are sick of being told that the changes were necessary. I only hope that you have been able to get your thoughts and words into the right hands before they destroy season 3. Without all the things that you so wonderfully described, there really is no story . thank you!

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      • After your brilliant take down of the Frank fetish, I was hoping you would continue with an exposition of how the TV show runners have veered into making Jamie and Claire “relatable” to viewers by portraying their reunion more “realistically” complete with petty misunderstandings and squabbles. Are TV viewers really that different from millions of book readers, most of whom also watch the show? Can they not admire and invest in a relationship that’s let’s say a cut above the average marriage?

        The show runners have taken two titanic characters created by Ms. Gabaldon with a rare commitment to each other and made them quite ordinary, turning gold into dross. At this point (after the “First Wife” episode), I’ve wondered why feminista career woman Saint Claire bothered to risk everything including separation from her daughter for a man she and the show writers see as flawed and shabby, basically another Frank with whom to quarrel. And why does poor Jamie whose years of suffering cave isolation, imprisonment eating rats, indentured servitude at Helwater and parting from a beloved son cut him no slack with harridan Claire continue to make poetic declarations of love to her? She is STILL dithering on the clifftop after he’s had a second close call (fire and bullet) and recalling her Boston half-life fondly! The Claire who fought wolves and redcoats for Jamie now finds it “too hard” to deal with a hostile sister-in-law or Jamie’s pathetic marriage to Laoghaire in an attempt to have children to love.

        Have you just given up on the show unable to bear its direction any longer or have they managed to silence you somehow? The latter isn’t impossible as I’ve noticed a very strange phenomenon in the NetSphere for Outlander. I’ve made critical comments about the TV show decisions on a variety of sites, saw them published and then removed. Some were on personal blogs, some on more commercial sites. I can see bloggers moderating their site, not letting a comment they don’t like appear. But to remove it (and supportive responses) after the fact seems bizarre. Is part of the massive TV budget spent on arranging for criticism to be cleaned out on various Outlander sites?

        Anyway, thank you for the incisive and comprehensive Frank report.

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      • Thank you for your great comment, Laine-loved it! I have lots to say in response (unfortunately I’m at work right now, so I’ll have to wait on that for now!). I will send a worthy reply later 😏
        One thing I will say is that I haven’t noticed any comments to my posts disappearing, and I publish them all (good, bad and ugly). I may not agree, but I respect people’s right express their opinions. Thanks again for your comment…looking forward to gathering my thoughts on what you had to say.


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