Looking for Mr. Fraser

What is it that we love so much about the Outlander books?  Is it Claire and her bad-ass self? The history? The adventure? The steamy sex? The love story?  For me, it’s all of those things.  But ab…

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13 thoughts on “Looking for Mr. Fraser

  1. You are SO on target. Jamie is absolutely the heart of Outlander. I am completely drawn to his character and not to Clare. She’s interesting because he is. I truly hope Season 2 will focus more on Jamie.
    Tobias Menzies was great in the dual role. But Frank is not the story so I hope there won’t be a lot of time spent on him.
    There is a lot to cover in Voyager, my personal fave of all the books, so I’m hoping the story comes back to Jamie, Clare and their connection

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  2. I have commented before, and here I am again. I find you to be the voice of reason, in a Season gone wrong. I know an adaptation will not exactly follow a book, but is it usual to lose the essence of the story, and change its main character to someone so different from the original, to be unrecognizable? I believe this was done, by the show, to Diana Gabaldon’s original version of Dragonfly in Amber. “Finding Mr. Fraser” That phrase sums it up and says it all. Where did Jamie Fraser go, in Season 2? Why was the ruggedly handsome, strong, loving, masculine, humorous, intelligent Highlander of Season 1 replaced with the thin, orange haired, insensitive, weak, almost child like individual, we saw in Season 2, that constantly had to be reinforced and protected by Claire’s overshadowing protection and intelligence. I know all about his bout with PTSD, but would it not have been better to let Diana’s version of how Jamie was healed from this trauma play out? In the book, Jamie is at death’s door, due to this horrific ordeal, but in Jamie’s own words, Claire took him to her breast, and cherished him, and healed him, and in doing so restored his manhood. One never really heals from rape, and Jamie deals with it through all eight books, but never did he burden Claire with his pain, make her feel less of a woman, or lose his feelings if joy toward their unborn child, as he clearly stated in some of Jamie’s wonderful dialogue, as feeling proud as a stallion, and going all hollow like a soap bubble. This is the Jamie Fraser we seek. The strong Scottish Highlander, who vowed to protect Claire, with the protection of his body. It is Jamie, who is the strong, intelligent, humorous lead in the books. It’s Jamie and his humorous dialogue, intense emotional love making, as well as his undying devotion to Claire, that keeps us riveted to the story. It’s Claire’s own story, that brings this larger than life character to life, but it is the incredible romantic Scottish Highlander that holds our interest. He was lost in Season 2, and so was my interest. It is so devastating to see a character, you love so much, reduced to such insignificance. Diana posted a group of photos from Season 3, and the battle of Culloden. Most remarked, they were happy to see Sam Heughan, as Jamie, and talked about the differences of Jamie, as to the actor. I commented about the noticeable change in Jamie’s character in Season 2 from Season 1. Surprisingly, only a very few noticed any change at all from Season 1 Jamie to the Jamie of Season 2. Maybe I’m missing something. I saw a drastic change, and one I didn’t like. I think you may have seen that change, as well, and that’s why you’re ” Looking for Mr. Fraser”. I’m looking for him too. Do you think he will return in Season 3, or will our search continue?

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    • Wow, Sondra, great comment! Thank you. I really hope, SO MUCH, that we find the Mr. Fraser we know and love so much as we go forward to S3 and beyond! It would be such a shame to lose him when we have the perfect actor to play him in Sam Heughan.


  3. You said everything I was thinking plus some! Agitation is what comes to me when I think of the missed opportunities in the show to make Jamie who he is in the books. He is human in the books but puts his own difficulties to the side when Claire needs him. In season 2, he is busy licking his wounds and usually irritated with Claire. Nothing like that is in the books.

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      • I Totally agree with you! They keep taking Jamie out of the equation! DG has written and created a great character in Jamie. She have given him some of the most beautiful dialogue. Just give him the open field and let Sam run with it! They could not have picked an actor better than Sam for this part. I only hope that season 3 and 4 will let Jamie shine! If they do we will have a 5th and 6th season!

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  5. Well thought out and written with many valid points. I admire your research and especially agree with you in how the book Frank is not the same as they portray in the show. I miss the love story between Jamie and Claire. I liked the way S1 had stayed close to the lines written in the book. I do hope the writers and producers once again use the brilliant writings from the book once again. Let’s hope.

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